School of traditional barbering and cosmetology

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When you attend First Coast Barber Academy, you'll take an extensive array of courses to make sure you're prepared for life as a barber.


You'll earn clock and service hours that go towards your certification to begin practicing your craft. You'll also gain practical experience in our elite Barber Clinic. When you study with us, you'll have what it takes to become an exceptional barber.

You'll need to purchase barber kits and supplies, as well as course textbooks in order to be successful. You'll also need to pay licensing fees once you've completed your studies.

We are accredited by the NACCAS!

 •  Haircutting and barbering

 •  Fades and flat tops

 •  Cosmetology and razor cuts

 •  Classic and hip barbering

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Find the skills you need for career success

The supplies you'll need

What you'll learn with us

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