School of traditional barbering and cosmetology

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Get professional training in the art of cosmetology at FCB Academy. We will guide our students to build a strong foundation, mastery of basic skills and encourages them to develop a broad background of knowledge neccessary to be a successful cosmetologist.


We also provide training on professional ethics, fundamentals of business management and many more to prepare our students once they begin to practice the craft.

Our students will be suprvised by an licensed cosmetology instructor through practical demonstrations, theory lectures, group discussions and student practice.

A family owned and operated school for 8 years and more than 20 years of experience!

  • Hairstyling

  • Hair Coloring

  • Skin Care

  • Makeup

Call and learn more about our Cosmetology Course today! 904-779-7963

Compehensive Cosmetology program

Learn from the experts in the field

Our classes include:

  • Scalp Treatments and Hair Care

  • Hair Shaping

  • Manicuring / Pedicuring / Nail Extension

  • Salesmanship and Career & Employement Information

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