School of traditional barbering and cosmetology

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If you don't put your skills to work while learning, you won't have success as a barber. That's why First Coast Barber Academy offers a Barber Clinic so you can work in a real setting on real customers.


You'll be supervised by our licensed professionals every step of the way as you practice what you've learned on real heads of hair.

Walk-ins are always welcome and we love to serve our veterans with affordable barber services. You'll never pay too much when you choose our Barber Clinic for your grooming needs.

A family owned and operated school for 8 years and more than 20 years of experience!

 •  Haircuts, razor cut and tattooing

 •  Shampooing and conditioning

 •  Facials and shaving

 •  Relaxers and permanents

Call and learn more about our Barber Clinic today!


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The practical experience you need for success

No appointment necessary

Our regular clinic services

 •  Barber cuts, Barber stylist

 •  Shape up, tape up

 •  Classic barbering

 •  Hip barber, Barber class

"I have been sending my son here off and on for the last 10 years. Great spot, cool enviroment. "Chris" is so cool, friendly, and professional. The best hair cut you could ever wish for!"

- Schacarra